Online Dublin, Ireland

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, ESRA, together with its Sister Societies AFSRA, ASRA Pain Medicine, AOSRA and LASRA, is launching the 1st World Week of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, from Saturday 20th to Saturday 27th January 2024. During this week, Regional Anaesthesia (RA) and Chronic Pain physicians around the globe will connect together, to shine [...]

Regional Anaesthesia For Trauma (RAFT) Course

Mater University Hospital, Dublin Dublin, Ireland

The Irish Society of Regional Anaesthesia is delighted to announce and support the upcoming Regional Anaesthesia For Trauma (RAFT) Course to be held in the Mater University Hospital, Dublin. Key topics include: Regional anaesthesia techniques for Upper & Lower limb Trauma Chest wall and abdominal wall Trauma Perineural & fascial plane catheter placement Compartment syndrome. [...]