ISRA Foundation Courses

The non-profit objectives of the Society include the advancement of standards and education in Regional Anaesthesia in Ireland. In furtherance of this objective the Society supports the running of Foundation Courses in Regional Anaesthesia which are held in various centres throughout the country including Cork, Galway, Waterford, Letterkenny, Drogheda, Dublin, etc.

These courses are provided FREE to trainees on College of Anaesthetists training schemes (who are ISRA members in good standing) in a standardised format nationwide. The format of the foundation course has been designed in collaboration with the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland (CAI) as part of a curriculum to teach the core skills of peripheral nerve block to each CAI anaesthesia trainee. The same course format applies irrespective of where the course is held.

The Foundation Course focuses on clinical problem solving in small groups of participants using a one-day intensive training template. Participants should leave this course having acquired the skills necessary to perform ultrasonography of the axillary brachial plexus, the femoral nerve and the sciatic nerve in the popliteal fossa. Participants will also acquire the skills necessary to advance a needle toward a target using real time ultrasound guidance. Learning and skills attained during the course are assessed at the end of the course.

In essence the course teaches the core skills needed to bring the benefits of regional anaesthesia to patients under your care.

To book a place on an upcoming Foundation Course near you please see the details of upcoming courses online in our events section.

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