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Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

ESRA, together with its Sister Societies AFSRA, ASRA Pain Medicine, AOSRA and LASRA, is launching the 1st World Week of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, from Saturday 20th to Saturday 27th January 2024. During this week, Regional Anaesthesia (RA) and Chronic Pain physicians around the globe will connect together, to shine a spotlight on the critical fields of RA and Pain Medicine, under the inspiring theme:

“Joining Hands for a Pain Free Future Worldwide”

This week will also set the stage for its Highlighting Event; the Climax and Grand Finale will be the 1st World Day of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine, which will take place on Saturday 27th January 2024, or at an alternative date during the aforementioned week. More than 100 cities across all continents, will participate, with a common scientific program, aiming in learning, hands – on practice, interactivity and reflection between trainees and experts in RA & Pain Medicine, during Local Face to Face Meetings.

The Irish chapter of this event, organised by the Irish Society of Regional Anaesthesia, will include a national webinar, with contributors from all corners of the country, and some local workshops.

Registration costs €30 for consultants, and €20 for trainees, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.


**For all NCHD Anaesthesia trainees: YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE FREE ESRA-ISRA MEMBERSHIP for one year after registering and attending this webinar!**



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