MSc Master of Science in Principles of Regional Anaesthesia

This course is provided by the University of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K.

This course is comprised of six 16-week-long online modules, providing advanced learning in the following specialist areas:

  • Anatomy and applied anatomy applicable to regional anaesthesia
  • Neuropharmacy/physiology of perioperative pain medicine
  • Applications of regional anaesthesia
  • Delivering a high quality service in regional anaesthesia
  • Research, audit and service evaluation
  • Leadership and management

Each module is delivered in two-week topics, with learning outcomes mapped to current UK practice. You will also be required to undertake approximately 10 hours of independent study each week, including:

  • Reading core texts and the latest clinical papers
  • Discussing an online clinical case with your peers to draw out learning opportunities and evidence-based practice
  • Completing formative assessments to aid your learning, including multiple choice questions and script concordance tests
  • Constructing a personal management plan for the clinical case to demonstrate your understanding of the topic
  • You will need to demonstrate a minimum of 80% online engagement to receive CPD accreditation for each module.

You will also have the option to take a summative written assessment for each module; complete it successfully and you’ll be awarded 20 university credits. Acquire 60 credits and, in addition to your CPD accreditation, you’ll also be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate. Successfully complete assessments for 6 modules and you’ll acquire 120 credits and receive a Postgraduate Diploma. If you then decide to complete a 60 credit Master’s dissertation project, you’ll achieve 180 credits in total, and a Master’s degree.


All teaching will take place online, using range of teaching techniques, including peer-group (PBL) discussion and specialist formative testing.

Our e-tutors are all highly experienced senior clinicians working both in the UK and internationally, so you will be able to maximise your exposure to global discussions and comparisons of best practice.

Independent study

You will complete the course in parallel with your clinical duties in Regional Anaesthesia. We allocate time for background reading and will provide you with access to the UEA online library to facilitate your evidence-based learning.


This course attracts both trainees and senior consultants seeking to acquire or hone skills and credentials in an ever-more competitive, global arena. Graduates tell us that they feel more confident, knowledgeable and better equipped for their roles. To discover more about the course, please email the admin team on: If you have a specific question about your eligibility for the course in terms of your clinical experience, please contact the course leader, Dr Ben Fox on